Forsight Management Consulting was founded in 2002 by Rory Simpson with the vision of using his many years experience as a Managing Director in Unilever to help Business Owners & Executives Survive & Thrive.

After several years of Business Advising, Rory realised that Professional Executive Coaching and Mentoring were powerful means of mobilising change and action within people and businesses.

In 2007 Rory formed an association with CMT Mentors International, founded by Carl Gould & Dr. Denis Hocker, based in Riverdale, New Jersey, USA.

CMT International is the largest Business Mentoring and Executive Coaching group in the world, with 90 independently owned & operated offices worldwide.

By end 2008 Rory had formed a team of CMT Accredited Mentors & Executive Coaches in South Africa and can offer the full range of CMT Diagnostic tools and Systems to clients nationally.

The founding principles of the CMT approach are:

  • The personality of a business will mirror the personality of the owner or executive.
  • While no one person is all things to all people; the business MUST be all things to all of its customers or you risk losing them to your competition.
  • This is the single-most influential factor in the success of your business.
  • Understanding your personality and how it impacts your business will give you great insight as to where to place your focus at any given time.
  • Survival in today’s economic climate requires you to develop strategies for up-markets, down-markets and sideways-trending market conditions.
  • There are patterns to success & failure. CMT’s technology and research has identified the 7 Stages of Business success
  • CMT’s 7 Stage Model has been designed to leverage the strategies of successful companies around the globe.

The 7 Stages of Business Success is a roadmap for any entrepreneur or executive to reach his or her ultimate destination. These results are achieved through a combination of:

  • Personal diagnostic assessments supported by Executive Coaching & Mentoring by executives who have "been there".
  • Business diagnostic assessment of both the hard (Facts & Figures) and soft (People) dimensions of the business supported by Business Consulting.